Need a SIM for Orlando? Or Barcelona, or Hannover ... ?

by Volker Weber

"Can I buy a local SIM to get around outrageous roaming charges?" I think I get asked this question prior to every major trade show or conference. The answer is here.


Das mit T-Mobile EvenMorePlus kann ich bestaetigen - hat letzten September in Palo Alto wunderbar funktioniert.

Frank Köhntopp, 2011-01-27

The section on TMobile seems inaccurate. Tmobile does not have unlimited plans. No daily plan either, no plans for 39.99.

10USD will give u a week's service capped at 100MB

30USD will give u a month capped at 300MB

50 USD will give u a month capped at 1GB

Joel Demay, 2011-01-28

Thanks, Joel. Then $10 is all you need for smartphone use during Lotusphere.

Volker Weber, 2011-01-28

Where do I get such a T-Mobile SIM for my Mifi router near Disneys's Beach Club Resort?

Karsten Lehmann, 2011-01-28


so I went to TMobile, here is what I could get:

Pay as you go sim, the cost breakdown:

- one time activation fee: 10USD
- Minimum refill (30 Mins): 10 USD (not planning on using any of that)
-24 Hr Web Day pass: 1.49usd (per day)

Now the tricky part was activating the daypass. The service is designed for TMobile phones that are pre configured for the Network. These phones have an app/webshortcut called the TZone. The service agent I talked to was very confused because my phone doesn't have a TZone. She at one point was under the impression that my HTC Desire was not web capable. I was able to get her to patch me to a Tech Service guy who was quite helpful.

He had me change my settings, and create a specific APN, that enabled my phone to connect via the builtin browser to the TMobile's website, and I was able to get to the "My Account" pages, and to subscribe to the service.

Like it's always been the case for me. My European spec phone connects in the US using Edge not the faster 3G or HSDPA network like it does in Europe or the Middle East.

And TMobile's definition of unlimited really is 30 MB afterthat the network performance degrades even further.

But that's it, quite happy to have data while I'm here in the US.

Joel Demay, 2011-01-28

Perfect, just in time for the Mobile World congress

Thomas Einwaller, 2011-01-28

And if the answer is not on that page, maybe you could find a solution over here.

Henning Störk, 2011-01-28

Joel, Fouls you post the APN?

Thomas Lang, 2011-01-29

Oh, the type ahead recognition didn't work. Fouls means could ;-)

But we found it out. We could use the SIM with a android phone and a Huawei E5 with the "normal" apn without any further settings.

Thomas Lang, 2011-01-30

Name: T-Mobile
MMS protocol:WAP 2.0
APN type:default,supl,mms

Joel Demay, 2011-01-30

huh? why so complicated? I am using an HTC Desire as modem (Wifi Hotspot) with a T-Mobile Sim in it. Pay as you go as mentioned above ... but it was really simple.

1. Go to a T-Mobile Store (i went to the one on Sandlake Rd)
2. Buy Pay as you Go Sim for 10,64 $ (including taxes) with 3,34$ minutes included (good for 2 web passes)
3. put it in an HTC Desire and setup a new APN (wasn't configured automatically) without user/password
4. go to in browser and then myaccount and activate day pass


As mentioned it's only 30 MB for 1,49$ and then it's really slow for the rest of the day ... but it's enough for checking mail/twitter/facebook the whole day ;-)

Sebastian Herp, 2011-01-31

@Joel The T-Mobile section is _not_ inaccurate. They have just stopped advertising those plans.

I bought one of those last september and was very happy with it.

Frank Köhntopp, 2011-02-02

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