This is The Official High-Res Screenshot from IBM

by Volker Weber


Find it here. I have said it before. Actually, at least twice.


Wow... and the other screenshots, while slightly higher res, are squished. Totally pro.

Erik Brooks, 2011-02-01

Impressive 300 x 198 pixels. And I thought selling thumbnails as hires pics had been abandoned a decade ago.

Armin Auth, 2011-02-01

I love how this screenshot has a blatant typo

"You has been assigned to write this section"

Patrick Picard, 2011-02-01

I asked nicely for an update. Maybe we get better ones. Whoever made it 300px, misunderstood 300 dpi. Which also does not make sense with screenshots.

Volker Weber, 2011-02-01

Lol "download hi-res version, 39 KB"
This is kind of sad though...

Hans Bornich, 2011-02-01

Hey, it could be worse. Had it been Mary Beth Raven posting, the thumbnail would be 1280x1024!;)

Mike McPoyle, 2011-02-02

@Patrick. I didn't realise IBM hired Ali G to do UI testing and diction before release.

Giulio Campobassi, 2011-02-02

Funny :-)

But after all sweet-talk by now should only take 30 minutes of your time instead of 2 hours?!

Ralph Siepmann, 2011-02-02

huh. now the high-res pics are 1000x1000, stretched ugly...

Lars Berntrop-Bos, 2011-02-02

facepalm :/

I feel embarrassed.

Bilal Jaffery, 2011-02-02

Press releases would be so much nicer with a decent screenshot. I've googled a bit and none of them contained a single screenshot (since there aren't any I presume). The sexiest client on the desktop an no one gets to see it. Well done IBM, hope you correct this !

Stijn Soens, 2011-02-02

He asked nicely. Somebody must have gotten confused along the way. I have a nice big version. :)
Working on it...

Chris Reckling, 2011-02-04

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Volker. Fixing it this morning.

Karen Lilla, 2011-02-07


Karen Lilla, 2011-02-07

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