The drama continues

by Volker Weber


This is the only official photo from the Lotusphere Opening General Session, downloaded here. Is being blind a requirement?


Looks like they wanted to let them appear taller than they are in reality.

Dirk Steins, 2011-02-05

This must have been a Friday afternoon 'can't really be arsed' job.

Pretty bad.

Garry Lees, 2011-02-05

According to the date, it was a Thursday job, three days after the session.

Volker Weber, 2011-02-05

Schon Obelix wusste: Streifen machen schlank.

Sascha Siekmann, 2011-02-05

Wow they really do put an effort in trying to look incompetent... Seriously, how can they screw up the images like that.

Hans Bornich, 2011-02-05

Well, it was Thursday morning. Who knows, it could have looked normal after Wednesday night with a few drinks and some coasters and rides.

It did make me chuckle though.

Bill Dorge, 2011-02-05

Man braucht nur einen Beamer mit einer anamorphen Optik. Perfekt.

Markus Michalski, 2011-02-05

Oh, man, you just couldn't make this stuff up.

Ben Langhinrichs, 2011-02-05

...and actually, as the only photo, why wouldn't you have purely IBM/Lotus people in it? RIM again? I thought the semi-advertising plug being the first demo in the OGS as bizzare at the time and up they pop again.

Garry Lees, 2011-02-05

Well, s*** happens. But what's realy strange is that it is STILL there. Fixing this would take 5 min if someone really cared about it.

However, may be this is exactly what it proofs. At IBM they don't care about it anymore. The whole Lotus thing is just a show they perform as long they are getting paid for.

Lucius Bobikiewicz, 2011-02-06

@ sascha: Obelix ist "tout juste un peu enveloppé" ;-)

Frans Swarte, 2011-02-06


Karen Lilla, 2011-02-07

Yes, for one photo. Check the rest, they are still skewed.

Volker Weber, 2011-02-07

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