Lotusphere Keynotes

by Volker Weber

Opening General Session: (very long and boring)

Technical Keynote:

Business Keynote:


You are right. This was the worst OGS in the last 14 years.

Andy Brunner, 2011-02-06


Bill Buchan, 2011-02-06

Thank you for the links Volker. It was nice to see you last week.

I highly recommend watching Andrew McAfee's talk. It is not specific to Lotus, it is about E2.0 in general. It is from about 2:00-19:45 in the second video Volker has posted above. Also towards the end of that video (58:30) is Irene Greif's talk. She's the head of IBM Research for Social Software.

Alan Lepofsky, 2011-02-06

+1 vote for Irene Greif. She was completely ignoring the prompter (which was going mental as a result, scrolling back and forth to try to follow her), and just spoke with convincing authority. Excellent.

Julian Woodward, 2011-02-06

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