How to build an iPod watch

by Volker Weber

iPad Watch
Photo: vowe

This is an iPod nano 6G, a Klipsch headset, and an iWatchZ wristband. This wristband is not only prettier than the Belkin band I initially used, it also turns the iPad clockwise by 90 degrees, so the headset cable runs easily up your sleeve without making a sharp turn at your wrist. If you put your headset on first and then your shirt, the cable runs inside your sleeve. Since the Klipsch headset also has a microphone, this setup provides me with a very sneaky voice recorder. The iPod 6G is smaller than the iPod 5G, it lost the camera and gained a touch screen. I prefer the touch wheel, but I think it's gone for good.


ohhhh, iPad 6G. You are light years ahead, Volker ;-)
(This post may be deleted after edit ... :) )


Eckhard Eilers, 2011-02-06

Cool - but not for me. I have enough watches and iStuff :)

Paul Mooney, 2011-02-06

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