Sonos gets an Android controller

by Volker Weber


I can finally reveal one of my secrets. :-) Sonos gets an Android controller. I am currently in the beta program, and I can attest that the Android controller is just as nice as that for the iPhone and iPod. There are still a few bugs to iron out, so it won't be in the market until March. Sonos wants to show the controller next week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and that's why they are revealing it today. Cheesy promotional video after the break.


This is great news, glad it's finally public.

One big advantage for me over the iOS controller is the way the volume links directly to the hard buttons on the more tricky sliding of a bar on a screen! I don't really use the iOS controller any more, as a result.

Ben Rose, 2011-02-10

I'm really looking forward to this app.

In the meantime I've been getting by with this.

Rob Koppe, 2011-02-11

There is one also available for Windows Phone 7:

Frank van Rijt, 2011-02-24

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