What again was the difference between the UK, Great Britain and England?

by Volker Weber


Brilliant - I learned new stuff as well, I'm away to post this to FB. Thanks Vowe.

John Lindsay, 2011-02-10

ahahahahah ! Great stuff. Am posting to FB too :-)

Dan Soares, 2011-02-10

Superb. On its way to FB as well. God we're so predictable ;-)

Julian Woodward, 2011-02-10

That was quite comprehensive! I have explained this a billion zillion times - now I will just send a link.

I might add a little point which might surprise your readers; the crown dependencies are not part of the United Kingdom and as such are not part of the EU. They have their own laws and their own taxation system, which makes them great offshore banking places. This is where UK people squirrel their money away. As another schocking titbit of information, sodomy was illegal in the Isle of Man as recently as 1992. I joke thee not.

Andrew Magerman, 2011-02-10

Difference? There's no difference, they're all "Inselaffen" :-P

Kai Bode, 2011-02-10

It makes me very proud...

Nick Daisley, 2011-02-10

Ha. Excellent. Surprisingly, I knew most of that (hey, I'm American, we think geography is quaint...), but it was fun to learn the rest. That's a very effective presentation and an extremely clear explanation. Major points for speaking so quickly for so long, too.

Rob McDonagh, 2011-02-10

The description of the Commonwealth is not quite right. There are quite a few members missing in the slide-show such as India, Pakistan, Bangledesh, Nigeria and South Africa just to name the most populous members. So in total the Commonwealth of Nations contains over 2.1 billion people - nearly 1/3 of the world's population.


It's just not an organisation that does anything useful !

Michelle O'Rorke, 2011-02-11

Michelle, I will nitpick back at you that the guy is talking about the Commonwealth realm, which is a subset of the Commonwealth of Nations - namely, those who have good old queen EII as head of state.

Andrew Magerman, 2011-02-11

As a citizen of a country in the Commonwealth Realm and the larger Commonwealth of Nations, I never really understood all of this until now.

Someone should send this link to the soon to be princess Kate Middleton. She is probably going to need to know this stuff!

Ken Porter, 2011-02-11

Thanks for linking to my video. There are a few minor errors in it, however, so I'm collecting errors and working on v2.0 here: http://blog.cgpgrey.com/the-united-kingdom-great-britain-england-venn-diagram/

C. G. P. Grey, 2011-02-11

Its all simple really

Steve Castledine, 2011-02-11

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