Windows Phone 7 On Nokia N8

by Volker Weber

Windows Phone 7 On Nokia N8
Photo: vowe


Very good ;-)

Jan-Piet Mens, 2011-02-11

1. UPS was fast
2. VoWe is fast
3. Fast Mockup

Felix Binsack, 2011-02-11

OK, got it (took me hint), look again:
Windows P H O N E 7 On Nokia N8


Felix Binsack, 2011-02-11

Yeah, that's the name of the software.

Volker Weber, 2011-02-11

Entsetzliche Vorstellung!

Wolfgang Siebeck, 2011-02-12

Schön wörtlich.

Clemens Vasters, 2011-02-12

I'm sure this is just a ironical joke of the CEO of Nokia.
Kinda like when you're on an airplane which is falling down and you flap with your hands - it doesn't help anything, but only makes things worse and/or doesn't matter at all :)

Mika Heinonen, 2011-02-12

no links to it? That sucks.

James McLaren, 2011-10-07

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