Do not stand with your back against a wall

by Volker Weber

Been there, done that, bought a couple of things

This is my favorite Duffbert picture. As you may know, Duffbert isn't very tall, and when he wanted a photo against the Guinness brewery backdrop, I simply sat down on the floor to shoot it. Compare this to the typical shot at the same location. Here is one I like. And my favorite from this trip: Warren and Kitty. Almost five years ago!



"As you may know, Duffbert isn't very tall"
Unlike the rest of the ILUG/UKLUG organising teams, which are composed entirely of statuesque giants. Apart from Warren. And Kitty. And Eileen, and Paul, and me. And Bill. Umm ...

Julian Woodward, 2011-02-12


And *this* is why I asked Volker to capture Marie and I during our book signing...

You have an incredible knack for composition and capturing that "just right" moment when everything in the picture just clicks. And I realize you take hundreds of pictures and toss out the rest, but still... Thanks for sharing your talents.

Thomas Duff, 2011-02-12

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