No more geo restrictions for The Daily Show

by Volker Weber


At least not in Germany ...

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w00t! No more messing with torrents!

Joerg Michael, 2011-02-15

What you can and can not see all depends from which 'country' you are accessing the Daily Show website.

In Canada, you still can not watch full episodes on Comedy Central in the USA has a reciprocal agreement with the Comedy Network in Canada to redirect Canadian IPs to the Canadian site, and US IPs to the US site.

Ken Porter, 2011-02-15

What, it's still on the air?

Timothy Briley, 2011-02-15

Do you know which countries were geo-blocked in the past?

Sebastian Herp, 2011-02-15

Erm, sorry, but you seem to be wrong. Still can't watch it in the UK either. No clips, no full shows, nothing. If I had a television I could watch something on Channel 4 apparently, but a) that seems to be a slightly different show and b) that would require me to have a television.

Armin Grewe, 2011-02-15

Works in Sweden.

Federico Hernandez, 2011-02-16

wuhu, working in switzerland. thats greatest news!!

Chris Frei, 2011-02-16

Still unavailable in the UK. The links eventually direct you to Channel 4's "global edition". Oddly, it's weekly, not daily. It's also "coming soon" to 4oD (their web channel). Irritating. Weekly just doesn't cut it for me. A large part of the show's quality is the timeliness.

Gary Grant, 2011-02-16

works Down Under too...

Justin Knol, 2011-02-16

Works in Denmark.

Torben Vendelev, 2011-02-16

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