Google's Android Big in Barcelona -

by Volker Weber

Android powers every significant device launched at the Mobile World Congress and is benefiting from a big marketing push by Google to trumpet its arrival. ... The concern now is that it could become too powerful.

That is not an Apple concern, but a carrier concern. I hope you did not miss Elop's remark about WP7 becoming a "carrier friendly" ecosystem.

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As far as I'm concerned, as consumers we want the least 'carrier-friendly' ecosystem that can be built.

Just like the movie industry being based around the protection of the shipment of small plastic discs rather than the value of the content itself; the business model that the mobile telecomms providers have built is horribly skewed toward charging for voice/texts (rather than data) and lockin via handset subsidies right now.

If any major handset manufacturer genuinely moved to a simple price-per-device and no lock-in strategy then I am sure they would definitively change the market for the good of all...

Stuart McIntyre, 2011-02-17

Am I the only one who does not want Android / Google to take over the world and have a 80% or higher Market Share with only one liable competitor?

Isn't the only goal for Google with Android to gain Money through Advertising? Imagine a world when Android is as strong in the Handset Market as Windows was in the Desktop Market. The Innovation for sure will go down. Even if todays Google leaders are not seen as evil by the Public you have seen at Nokia how fast a strategy can be changed when a new CEO gets to lead.

Lets hope that Meego - which is Vendor independent and hosted at the Linux Foundation quickly gets traction. I sure hope this can be a viable alternative in 5 years time.

Andre Hausberger, 2011-02-17

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