You can't keep up with the Joneses on Android

by Volker Weber


A friend has a Nexus One and he contemplates buying a Nexus S. Reason: Google has yet to upgrade the Nexus One to 2.3. Currently it runs on 2.2.2. The difference is minimal, but hey, you've got old stuff. Nexus One is about a year old, and it has been upgraded a couple of times. But now, it's no longer cutting edge. If you have to have the latest and greatest, then Android is not for you.

For the more serious user: relax. You have a great phone.


Totally correct. Friends of mine suffer because the do not get Android 2.2 for their motorola milestone. okay, in benchmarks Android 2.2 does much better. But in real life the difference is not the same. It is much more important to see if the wlan works ok, if the manufacturer gets the speed twists right etc.

Christian Just, 2011-02-17

This is the great thing about upgrading to a new version of the Android OS: it will cost you hundreds of dollars but you get a few phone with it ;-)

Bob Congdon, 2011-02-18

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