On heavy rotation: Motown Remixed

by Volker Weber


If you have a Napster account try this: search for album "Motown Remixed". Play "Papa Was A Rolling Stone", Temptations remixed by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Pete Kuzma.


If you haven't already (and it was released a while ago), you should try Jazzy Jeff in the house - in fact lots of the "in the house' series are worth a listen.

Ben Rodway, 2011-02-18

Napster subscription is becoming inevitable (I am currently on my second 30 day test period which became available by miracle on my Sonos 1 year after the first one). Not only due to my two women who are keen on all "New releases" and related stuff.

Axel Koerv, 2011-02-19

The Album is also available in spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/302EJhUHNCPZ9IPqRXBIXB

Mark Altmann, 2011-03-01

@Axel: So far Simfy is quite ok for using in Germany. The range of music is not as good as that of spotify, but good enough. The Motown Remixed 2 is in there, but not the one...

Mark Altmann, 2011-03-01

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