Google’s Disruption Of Enterprise Email Market And Their “Social Challenges”

by Volker Weber

Unfortunately, Google has absolutely no clue on how to execute their social strategy and it is going to hurt them badly sooner than later. With IBM firming up their Social Business vision, the threat to Google’s enterprise strategy is just round the corner.

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Nun ja, mag schon sein, dass Google mit Menschen/Social nicht so gut kann wie mit Algorithmen.

Wenn ich aber auf der anderen Seite die Innovationsgeschwindigkeit in Mountain View mit der in Armonk (oder auch Redmond) vergleiche, dann mache ich mir um Google Apps for Business sehr viel weniger Sorgen als um alles, was Lotus so aus der Tür bringt dieser Tage.

Thomas Cloer, 2011-02-24

Interesting read about the email market. But the overall logic is wired.

First the article explains that Google seems to have won the email market. Then it goes on that Google is weak in the social media market and is going to loose the battle for if it doesn't come up with something really good quite soon.

I bag to differ. How long had email been around when Google entered the market? 15 years? How long had search engines been around before Google came in?

Yes, timing can be terrible important in the internet business and in fact often is. But it is not that simple.

Lucius Bobikiewicz, 2011-02-24

He is right that google has no clue. I don't know the whole market myself, but even I can see he has little idea what he is talking about.

Giulio Campoassi, 2011-02-25

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