CeBIT ahead

by Volker Weber

Tomorrow I shall be heading to Hannover to attend CeBIT. I will take a diversion to Köln though. Microsoft is hosting an executive briefing describing their effort to convince people that Microsoft has the desktop of the future. I will be hearing talks from Microsoft but also from Gartner and the Daimler CIO. It should be interesting to see the world through Microsoft's eyes, a view that I don't get often enough. I am frequently briefed by IBM, but only occasionally by Microsoft.

In the late afternoon I shall continue to Hannover for our CeBIT warm-up. It's going to be a wild ride with lots of appointments, our party at GOP, hardly enough sleep. Looking forward to see my colleagues as well as lots of friends.

Again, I am traveling light. An iPad instead of a computer, headset, chargers, an iPhone for connecting home, and ...


... a Nokia N8. Why would I need that? It's one great camera. It can read USB thumbdrives you get at press conferences, and it can upload the content to the cloud, for instance my Dropbox. None of the other phones I have does that. Having a well connected tiny USB host is quite a useful tool.

I have another candidate that arrived last week: a Nokia E7. It's larger than the N8 both in width and length, and it does have a keyboard. However, the 8 MP E7 camera does not nearly work as well as the 12 MP N8 shooter. The difference is in the optics and the xenon flash; the N8 also has the largest sensor of all smartphones. I was ready to return the N8 as soon as the E7 would arrive, but I quickly made up my mind.


Hi Volker,
as we are close to IBM in Halle 2 we would be pleased to welcome you at our small booth. We developed this software called "i-doit" which deals
with ITSM and IT documentation. This is no that exiting, but we tried
to turn our both in "paperless" version using some Ipad for presentations. I think some well known publishing houses does use our software internally, so maybe it could be interesting.
Of course, everybody else is welcome too.

Markus Wolff, 2011-02-28

If you're in Cologne, don't forget to play bullshit bingo.
Tip: "Commodity" should be on top of your list! :)

Marc Egart, 2011-02-28

Check out the Motorola Atrix for me please, and thank you. :-)

Charles Robinson, 2011-03-01

very cloudy, partly sunny in Hannover ;-)

Joerg Rafflenbeul, 2011-03-01

I have the same dilemma. E7 keyboard is grand but I somehow miss the N8 camera. Luckily Ovi Maps and Gravity run on both :-)

Ben Lampe @ Nokia, 2011-03-03

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