The king is dead, long live the king

by Volker Weber


If you got an iPad for Xmas, it just got outdated. The iPad 2 adds two cameras front and back, and it's gotten even thinner. New processor, same display, same storage, same battery power, same price. It's the old Apple story of replacing a great product with an even greater one.

The new cameras remind me of the iPod touch 4gen. Great for video, not so much for photos. "HD" is only 720p which is less than a megapixel. I wonder if Facetime on this device will be better or worse than on the iPod. It's way easier to hold an iPod up than an iPad and you don't want to peek into people's noses. Yes, it will be fun, and so will Photo Booth.

The best new feature is the snap on cover, held by magnets on the left side. It rolls up to form a stand and it will automatically switch the iPad on and off.

Apple has some great deals on the "old" iPad. If saving money is your concern, get the 16 GB for less than 400. The new one will be available from March 11 in the US, and two weeks later here in Germany.

Shiny, precious, want one. :-)


I am wondering if it is better to purchase an iPad2 when they become available -or- wait until the (fabled?) iPad3 is released? Decisions, decisions ...

Frank Docherty, 2011-03-03

Frank, that is an easy question to answer. Buy Apple gear shorty after it has been announced. That gives you the longest runway of having the latest and greatest. If you wait for the 3rd gen, you will have people fantasizing about the 4th gen. There is always a better one ahead.

Volker Weber, 2011-03-03

Thank you Volker. I appreciate your insight and your reply. The more I read about the iPad2, the more I want to purchase one.

Thanks again.

Frank Docherty, 2011-03-03

You should not forget the hdmi output mit Full HD-Support, and that works with every application.

I think that this is a big point.

Karl Heindel, 2011-03-03

Another good thing about Apple products is the nearly not existing loss in value. So buy the iPad 2 when it comes out and sell it 50 bucks cheaper than new price, when iPad 3 has arrived.

Thomas Langel, 2011-03-03

@vowe: My Palm Treo camera produces much better snapshots than my BlackBerry bold camera. Without flash, with lower resolution but much smaller file size. I don't believe that bigger (more resolution) is always better. For snapshots and privat video telephony.

@ Karl Heindel: With the same software level this should also work on the original iPad.

Sven Richert, 2011-03-04

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