As if Nokia did not have enough problems already

by Volker Weber


I am pretty sure my Twitter account has not expired. And if it would have, my operator could not help at all. But your operating system and your software stack has expired. A long time ago.



Hubert Stettner, 2011-03-16

I wonder how Nokia's sales figures for the high end phones are doing. Any tech savvy buyer by now knows that (s)he would buy a platform that is obsolete in a years time.

Stephan H. Wissel, 2011-03-16

Hallo vowe. Ich bespreche gerade mit den Kollegen woran das liegen kann und melde mich dazu.

Ben Lampe @ Nokia, 2011-03-16

Ja, dann können Sie die Kollegen auch mal fragen, warum das N8 zum zweiten Mal wieder alle meine Adressen gelöscht hat, warum zwischendurch keine Mails kommen, wenn das N8 vorher im WLAN war und nun unterwegs ist.

Ich bin ja nur ein kleiner Dummer, und kriege so Access Points und ähnliche Geschichten ganz gut konfiguriert. Aber das N8 ist definitiv schlauer als ich.

Volker Weber, 2011-03-16

:-) Any high-end phone will be obsolete within a year these days.
If You want something that lasts (and with a battery that lasts) get an S30/S40 device.

Personally I'll get an N950 (Harmattan/Maemo6/Meego whatever) because I've found that although the N900 has it's share of issues, I've come to see that an open computing/communications device is superior in so many other ways to the American style, closed cage ways of doing things.

But after the N950 I have no idea. If the choices are only iOS/Android/WP7 after 2012 then Europe has truly lost the future of mobile communications.

I still ridicule my US friends who buy a Verizon iPhone, an AT&T HTC etc. and I dread the day when European Providers have ultimate power over what devices I can use on their networks.

Dag Kvello, 2011-03-16

Und warum Ovi Store und Social häufig die Verbindung verlieren und der Ovi Store ohne Mobikfunkinternet kein Einloggen ermöglicht...

Christian Just, 2011-03-16

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