Oscar Peterson Piano Lesson

by Volker Weber


Oscar unleashed (fasten your seatbelt)

Dan Sickles, 2011-03-20

Herrlich! Und das schaut bei solchen Leuten immer so leicht und locker aus!

Ingo Seifert, 2011-03-21

Love it!

Ulli Mueller, 2011-03-21

Although I am a classical music fan (and reviewer), Peterson is very special.

There was a BBC program ran by Andre Previn in which he discussed and played. I put an excerpt on my blog: http://beckmessersrants.blogspot.com/2009/12/i-found-magic.html. You may know the program otherwise, let me know and I will make it available for you.

Best, Antoine

Antoine Leboyer, 2011-03-22

Maybe I am getting old (yes I am), but it seems that TV was more intelligent back then. Cavett and Peterson actually had something to say and something to show. Like it!

Erik Ferrari, 2011-03-22

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