Upgrading Ovi Maps from 3.06 beta to 3.06 release

by Volker Weber

I fired up the Nokia E7 yesterday and it had an update for me: Ovi Maps 3.06. Go to SW Update. Select Ovi Maps update. Let it run. Done. That was easy.

Then I went back to the N8. Go to SW Update. Select Ovi Maps update. Let it run. Update fails. Try again. Fails immediately. Maybe the files are broken. Connect the N8 to the Mac. Find the files under /private. Delete. Disconnect. Go to SW Update. Select Ovi Maps update. Let it run. Downloads OK. Update fails. Arrgh.

Connect to the Mac again. Move the files to a directy File Manager can see. Disconnect. Open File Manager. Run one update file. Fails. Open other update file. Fails again. Arrgh. Maybe we need to reboot. Reboot. Open File Manager. Run one update file. Fails. Open other update file. Fails again. ARRGH.

Hold on, this is the phone that was running 3.06 beta. Where you can download maps directly to the phone, without any PC nonsense. Maybe we need to remove the beta first. Go to Application Manager. Ovi Maps not listed, since it is pre-installed. Go to Applications. Menu, Organize. Hold Ovi Maps icon until popup appears. Select Remove Application. Uninstall fails. ARRGH. ARRGH.

Hard reset the N8. Go through installation wizard. N8 subscribes itself to My Nokia spam SMS. First SMS appears on the iPhone. Go to My Nokia. Try to unsubscribe. Error: still waiting for initial activation. We'll see how this pans out. Go to SW Update. Select Ovi Maps update. Let it run. Done. That was easy. Now re-install all maps. Re-install all accounts. Re-install all apps.

Can't wait for WP7 on Nokia hardware. Concepts below:

Photo: Nokia


Thanks for reminding me that I still needed to swipe my Ovi account -- I took the opportunity and eventually terminated it altogether today.

I tried to sync the E71 once (back in December 2009, as the Ovi website remembers) and it was a complete mess. Never tried it again.

I do miss the Nokia hardware but I am so much happier with the software on *any other* smartphone. Even one running Windows...

Jean Pierre Wenzel, 2011-04-12

Boy, am I happy that I dumped all my Nokia phones some time ago! This household is Nokia-handset-free an will remain so. Keep writing those stories, though...

Markus Dierker, 2011-04-13

Nokia is still making the best phones, as in, you know, making phone calls. A year from now the software nonsense will be sorted.

Volker Weber, 2011-04-13

Meanwhile i switched to android and i'm quite happy with it, because of the software. But every time i loose a connection i'm missing my E71, while laughing about my boss, who, with it iPhone would never had got the phone call :-)
Nokia Devices, in my opinion, are still the best devices, when it comes to making and taking phone calls, especially in areas with weak signals.
and, just to say it, Ovi Maps is still great and one of the reasons why it forced my girlfriend, with lower budget for things like mobile devices, to buy a nokia.

Kai Schmalenbach, 2011-04-13

Thought I would give Nokia another chance, as they (still) offer a Linux based phone, the N900. I could throw the **** brick in the dustbin already: Does not recognize my WiFi (erratic error, seemingly everybody has it), after installing the whole OS from scratch using a command-line tool which is not from Nokia (and works) there still is no recognition. But the SIM card is now unrecognizable too. Great. OVI maps work sometimes.

And this is a brand spanking new phone from Amazon.

Trying to get the community supported Maemo on it, it requires in no unclear words to make a backup. Installed the useless software on Parallels (no, I don't run Windows normally). OVI suite does not recognize the N900. Judging from the forums, everybody and their cat have this problem.

WTF. Somebody tell these guys how to make things work? My time is precious. I can't spend whole nights getting the basics of a mobile to work w/o submitting the finnish braincripples to an imaginary penitentiary. Think Dante's inferno and you know what I mean.

Armin Roth, 2011-04-16

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