"They are at their peak of their power at the age of fifteen and sixteen"

by Volker Weber


wow. just wow!

Francie Tanner, 2011-04-18

Finally, somebody likes it. I was having second thoughts about my readers. :-)

Volker Weber, 2011-04-18

Very emotional particularly when the lady reflected on what her parents might have thought of her.

I wanted to know the context so I went looking and found it: It get's better project

Jason Hook, 2011-04-18

I watched a couple of videos. It's hard to write without wanting to qualify every other word but it's so sad that people have to take the time to explain their perfectly ordinary valid lives and so sad to see the pain etched on their faces.

Jason Hook, 2011-04-18

They’re extremely powerful videos, I’ve watched a few of them.

Sadly, this Apple one was auto-removed by Youtube when it was originally posted, due to a concerted effort by miserable bigots to flag it as “inappropriate”.

Ben Poole, 2011-04-18

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