Sony Music Entertainment is just too stupid

by Volker Weber

Sony Music Entertainment is just too stupid

If you block your own videos in your own official channel on YouTube, you deserve to die.


Yes and the answer you twittered or bloged last month (but I can't find again): Bust all major labels

Werner Motzet, 2011-04-17

rofl. You just made my day.

Johannes Matzke, 2011-04-17

Anderer Zusammenhang, aber dieselbe Firma: "The best way to fight back? Don't give companies who do these things your money."

Olav Brinkmann, 2011-04-17

The Youtube 'not available in your country' message sucks violently. Some videos are still there but with no audio, heh, wouldn't be a compromise of some sort? This is outrageously stupid though.

Alexander Koch, 2011-04-17

At least Universal Music is less stupid (a little bit...). The videos are not available on YouTube either, but their official channels are on Dailymotion and can be played there without problems...

Thomas Muders, 2011-04-17

In France, we wouldn't mind if she was blocked :-)

Gaston Annebicque, 2011-04-17

I think she should be blocked globally ;-)

Joel Demay, 2011-04-19

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