Sonos controller has replaced my desktop controller

by Volker Weber

Photo: vowe

When I sit at my desk, I used to control Sonos with the Mac Desktop Controller. It's easy to type in an artist to quickly select what you want to listen to. However, since I put a CR200 on my desk, I find that I use this control point more often than the Mac Desktop Controller. It's more immediate, it's quicker when you want to turn down the volume.

I know that at its price, it's pure luxury. When away from my desk, I don't carry the CR200 with me. I'd rather use any of the software controllers on iPhone or iPad. But the convenience of having a dedicated device is a good thing. Even more so in households that are less IT-driven than mine.

The four front buttons make all the difference. You don't have to launch an app and find the icon. If I want silence all over the house, I just hold down the mute button and it will mute all players, no questions asked.


I see you have an 3dconnexion on your desk. I want to have one, but I am still looking for a case to buy it ;-) May I ask what is yours?

Peter Daum, 2011-04-27

Don't buy it if you don't have a use case. I only use it in Google Earth and Sketchup.

Volker Weber, 2011-04-27

Sounds like to a pretty big usecase to me ;-)

Simon Fellmann, 2011-04-27

I was wondering if a refurbished ipod touch and dock work very well as a dedicated controller? Would probably come out about $150 cheaper. No handy physical buttons, but the app would always be open.

Reid Partlow, 2011-04-29

Reid, an iPod touch gets you close. It just takes a few seconds to connect to Wi-Fi and it's not as easy to dock. Other that that, it does exactly the same things.

My second most used controller is not an iPod or iPad (both are here), but a mobile phone. I tend to always have that in reach, and there are controllers for iPhone and Android available right now.

Volker Weber, 2011-04-29

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