IBM has a social business website

by Volker Weber



Make it (them) stop.

Colin Williams, 2011-04-28

I thought Luis Suarez played for Liverpool ? ;-)

Chris Coates, 2011-04-28

IBM needs to use a URL shortening service, hardly any page fits in 140 characters when you click the Twitter button from the page. And, technotes just break up.

Man, that's a lot of hairy little icons at the bottom. :-)

Rob Novak, 2011-04-30

If you find the icons at the bottom to be a hairy lot, you definitely shouldn't let your mouse hover over the "View all topics" link at the top ;)

Stefan Rubner, 2011-05-01

@Chris, ROFL!! Yeah, that's the *other* one! The one I keep fighting over at Google to see who comes on top first! :-P haha (Wish I would have the physical to play soccer, like he does! hehe)

@Rob, IBM has got one, actually, tightly integrated with; over at, although it may not work with a bunch of links as they are fine tuning the service, but a good bunch of them already have it live.

@All thanks for the heads up on the hairy bits! I will pass them along to the corresponding parties and hopefully we can continue to see some further improvements in there :)

Thanks much, Volker, for sharing the link love :)

Luis Suarez, 2011-05-03

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