The great Playbook giveaway, and other odd news

by Volker Weber

All the lucky guys at BlackBerry World get a PlayBook. The not so lucky guys at BlackBerry World bought one, before being given a second one. It's a good move. People at BlackBerry World tend to have a more recent BlackBerry, which they need to get at their email on the PlayBook. There are a few "proud" postings on Facebook of people who managed to download the client from the store and install it.

More significant: Balance, the artist formerly known as Dual Persona. Keep company apps and data separated from private data. Very good concept. I wish all smartphones could do that.

Steve Ballmer was at the show, and later this year the BlackBerry gets another handicap by setting the default search provider to Bing. As much as RIM needs to give away a lot of the PlayBooks, Microsoft needs to pay people to put their search engine on the device.

The Bold Touch looks neat. BlackBerry lovers will love it. iPhone lovers, not so much.


hhm. I have on the Bold 2day: Borg eMail via BES and the Google mail app - properly separated. Same on the Android tablet. The only thing: I can't wipe them separately.

Stephan H. Wissel, 2011-05-05

Sounds just like Lotusphere.

This year I went, and was one of the rare folks given the opportunity to buy a Lotus or IBM branded T-Shirt for $15. In all fairness, I did get a hideous, sponsored nylon backpack for free;)

Mike McPoyle, 2011-05-05

what a promising and exciting subject, until I found out this is no playboy giveaway but a playbook giveaway only...

Arno Burdenski, 2011-05-07

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