Microsoft still has no clue why people buy a Mac

by Volker Weber



Me neither. I'd rather go to Hawaii and have a nice PC instead of not going to Hawaii and having a nice but overpriced PC. ;)

Daniel Haferkorn, 2011-05-09

Why not going to Hawaii with a MacBook...

Ludwig Deruyck, 2011-05-09

My 17" MBP will cost about $0.5 per work hour through its two year life (less when you consider resale value). Whatever extra it costs to have a reliable, high performance machine that is a joy to use, it's worth every single cent...

Stuart McIntyre, 2011-05-09

I think Microsoft has very, very good understanding of why the vast majority of people (over 90%) still do not buy Macs.

Richard Schwartz, 2011-05-09

I wish I could afford a Windows machine. Sadly, maintenance costs put them far, far beyond my reach.

David Richardson, 2011-05-09

Comparing apples with pears - a high end Windows PC is still as expensive as a Mac - just look at the high end Lenovo laptops.

Axel Koerv, 2011-05-09

@Richard: I don't think that price is the main reason. Inertia and comfort level (at least you know what to expect) - the same reason why people go to Mac Donalds when they are on Holiday in a foreign country.

Stephan H. Wissel, 2011-05-10

Not a good idea to put them both side by side. The MBP looks slick, the HP looks like work and I mean that kind of work that makes you hit the snooze button in the morning.

Mariano Kamp, 2011-05-10

What a comparison! The notebook on the right is only a FAKE called HP (High Problematic) notebook. I would NEVER buy such that horrible notebook. I have enough problems suffered at work with that brand of computers...

Albert Buendia, 2011-05-10

Price and comfort factor certainly are important reasons why people buy consumer-priced Windows laptops. Apple has a very nice selection of laptops in the consumer-to-professional price range, but the bottom and top price ranges are still taken by Windows, as Apple makes only so many kinds of Laptops.

If you work with your machine every day, you're more than happy to spend whatever it takes to get the perfect machine. If you're buying a laptop to use as your only computer, chances are you'll end up in the 2500€+ price range, be it Mac or Windows.

Even if you have a cash cow at home, for consumer things like "surfing the web", checking your mail and watching HD video, a consumer-range laptop will always do, be it a MacBook Air or a Windows machine.

I don't see how Microsoft needs to position itself against Apple with adverts like these, either. The price argument, really?

Henning Petersen, 2011-05-10

I seem to remember that there have been several TCO reports on PC versus Mac. I believe that in all of them, Apple comes out on top. Sure, the entry point may be higher on the Apple side, but over the life of the product, that difference disappears quickly.

Here's one report. I'm not convinced that anyone uses TCO to determine which platform to purchase, especially for a personal purchase. However, it does make for some interesting reading.

Gregg Eldred, 2011-05-10

Microsoft seems to have a good bead on why folks buy Macs or PCs. Cool is worth a lot of money.

George Orwell was a smart, perceptive man.

"Four legs good. Two legs better!"

Craig Wiseman, 2011-05-10

It was a succession of HP Laptops that drove me to a MBP, and I've never looked back!

Saying that if I was to put in that purchase request for a new MBP today I'd more than likely be crying onto an HP Laptop keyboard.

Peter Smith, 2011-05-11

The folks that wrote the advertisement are poor at maths.
2349 $ - 999 $ = 1350 $ (not 1349 $ as stated)

No wonder people still buy Apple macs..

Pieterjan Lansbergen, 2011-05-19

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