A smart cover

by Volker Weber


I have been using an iPad 2 with a smart cover for a while now, and much to my surprise, the cover is my favorite new feature compared to the original iPad. I never liked the original black "scuba" folio offered by Apple, though it turned out to be the best choice for the iPad. But it was very hard to get the iPad in and out.

The new cover folds back when the iPad is in use, it covers the front when not, without ever coming off. It switches the iPad on and off, and it serves as a stand for typing or watching movies. It attaches and detaches very easily, without being too loose. Ingenious. Watch the movie. It's even better in reality.

Apple is going to sell a ton of them. Certainly more than iPads.


Having had this for a while now, I think the sales pitch is better than the thing in real use. The back of ipad is scratched like crazy as the cover offers no protection to that. Also it feels like its becoming less magnetic, when i first got it, it could hold the weight of the ipad on its magnets, that is no longer the case. Perhaps the apps i installed weigh too much :)

Carl Tyler, 2011-05-12

Yes, I thought this was definitely one of the coolest things released this year.

@Carl - That's a shame. I'm hoping these last for awhile. Though I can understand why Apple wouldn't put, say, pure earth magnets in them.

Erik Brooks, 2011-05-12

@Carl - You know that we're in the middle of a magnetic pole reversal, right?

David Richardson, 2011-05-12

Carl, it must be the apps. I have been told the magnets interfer with flight instruments in small aircraft like your's. An thoughts on that?

Volker Weber, 2011-05-12

I just wish I hadn't gone for the white leather version. I'm spending a fortune on leather cleaning wipes. :)

Ian Bradbury, 2011-05-12

The plan is to sell you more than one. ;-) I don't see a white cover, only a grey one.

Volker Weber, 2011-05-12

I went for the Belkin Trifolio Cover. Also foldable to be used as stand or to type, but protecting the backside. No magnets and no on-off through them though, but I can well live with that. Black only.

Armin Auth, 2011-05-12

I must say I LOVE the new covers - I used to have a Belkin cover but it made the iPad that much thicker. I personally don't mind the back getting scuffed as, to be honest, I like the "used" look - a couple of scratches gives the iPad character :o)

ursus schneider, 2011-05-12

For boys, äh, people who want to protect the backside of their new toy: Incipio has announced the "Smart feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case".


It will be available in the same colors as the smart cover.

Sven Richert, 2011-05-12

"I have been told the magnets interfer with flight instruments in small aircraft like your's. An thoughts on that?"

Yep, keep anything with magnets away from your instruments. My headset (David Clark) has magnets in it for the speakers, put it in the right place and it can interfere with instruments. Especially if you put it any near the magnetic compass, if your passenger leans forward to look out the window, their headset can get close enough to throw the magnetic compass out of whack, if they do this when you're adjusting your gyroscopic compass then you'll adjust it incorrectly.

Basically, any good pilot should be checking instruments against other instruments, and should also be aware of possible outside influences.

When I use my iPad for flying, it's away from the instruments, and 3G and WiFi are turned off.

Carl Tyler, 2011-05-12

i agree with Carl. The smartcover looks very stylish, but doesnt protect the Ipad2 good enough. And yes, my smartcover becomes less magnetic too. My son (5 years) is an ipad fanatic like me, so i need a better protection for such a beautiful device.

At the moment, i am very satisfied with the ultra slim case from "Stilgut". Not really cheap, but nice leather, slim design and a perfect stand for watching movies or pictures.

Roland Dressler, 2011-05-12

Here is the Stilgut case. See, Roland, that wasn't so hard ;-)

Joerg Michael, 2011-05-12

Has anybody tried out the Mivizu Sense yet? Seems interesting to me.

Mario Bramscheidt, 2011-05-12

Most of the twitter spammers are pushing the Mivizu Sense, so on that basis, I'd ignore it.

Craig Wiseman, 2011-05-12

I bought the light blue one ;-)

Alan Lepofsky, 2011-05-12

I like the green one.

Volker Weber, 2011-05-12

I tried a smart cover and disliked it. feels cheap and the back open. If you move locations a lot like I do (typically office, two client locations, two other locations, home on any give day), the smart cover just does not cut it.

John Head, 2011-05-16

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