Check your status

by Volker Weber


I read this passive-aggressive "status" every morning. Because Alan is almost at the top of the list. On top of Angelina Jolie. Reading further down the list I see mostly outdated nonsense. People preparing for events months ago, "cool" statements, ads for a software they once tested ( anyone?). Check your status. You are probably embarrassing yourself.

There is one exception. Thomas Meyer of Sonos often has a good status, telling his colleagues where he currently is. "SB" for "Santa Barbara" for instance. Without any "mayor" nonsense.


Strange that this bothers you so much Volker...

I almost never see the status updates in Skype (or maybe I just tune them out?). Skype 5.1 deprecates the contacts list, so maybe thats why?

Stuart McIntyre, 2011-05-16

I like to think I have smart friends.

Volker Weber, 2011-05-16

But I am the Mayor of Simpleton. Should I put that in my status?

Chris Linfoot, 2011-05-16

One of the benefits of having smart friends is that it is very likely that some of them see things differently. In this case, many of them probably think that since Skype doesn't refer to it as a ''status' message and requires several extra clicks in order to update it, it's perfectly understandable that most people rarely bother to keep it up to date.

Richard Schwartz, 2011-05-16

My status is timeless.

Rob Novak, 2011-05-16

Funny to see how Volker flames and denunciates his "friends" every week or so.

For whatever reason, you definitely feel being in the position to do that. Oh, I remember, you're rich and smart and want to let everyone know, that's why.

Michael Horne, 2011-05-17

"I like to think I have smart friends"

You do. Smart people don't always sweat the small stuff.

Paul Mooney, 2011-05-18

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