Why the iPad 2 is indeed better

by Volker Weber

As I am using the iPad 2 I don't find many good reasons to upgrade from an original iPad. Just the other day I discovered a significant one: when you hook up the VGA connector that was available for the original iPad to the iPad 2, it mirrors the internal display to the second screen. This is advertised for the HDMI connector, but I wasn't aware that this also works through the VGA connector. And VGA is the connector you need to use in most presentations.

So far I had only used Keynote, Videos and Photos to display content through a beamer. The iPad 2 allows me to also demo applications as they run on the device. Here's your reason to upgrade.


And the kids want to play Angry Birds projected on the bedroom wall...

Ole Saalmann, 2011-05-19

is there any way to get this feature wireless?

there are many apps to put other computers screen on the ipad (RDP etc. via WLAN), but nothing to get it the other way from Ipad(2) to Mac/PC to a big screen. Or a wireless HDMI-transfer-device, that is small enough to put it on an IPad.

The HDMI-adaptor works fine, but needs a cable. which is not so good, if you want to walk around the room, or just move the Ipad around on a large table.

Hans Giesers, 2011-05-19

I sold my ipad 1 on ebay.

And did not buy a ipad 2.

Karl Heindel, 2011-05-19

Fraser Speirs noted early on how this is one of the number one features requested by educators.

Kevan Emmott, 2011-05-20


and Apple crippled it to sell a dump adaptor.

I am sure, that the Hardware of the Ipads (1 and 2) is powerful enough to send their screen via wlan.

Now i have to use a long (expensive) HDMI-cable and adaptor (gets lost/forgotten, needed by someone else...).

Hans Giesers, 2011-05-20

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