Elop looks quite successful

by Volker Weber


Nokia has gotten quite cheap since Elop announced plans to move Nokia to Windows Phone 7. They are now worth $25.42 B. The latest rumor, 100% baseless according to Nokia, is that Msft might be interested in buying the phone business for $19 B. That would be $5 per share (3.8 B shares for the whole company). That's not out of reach with Symbian sales collapsing, isn't it? Once Nokia starts shipping WP7 devices, the stock may rebound. If Msft wants to make a move, they will do this year.


Interesting To read! We must come back To this post in a couple of months. As they say, where there is smoke there is fire. Symbian RIP.

Ludwig Deruyck, 2011-06-02

Still it holds true that it was very risky to announce the switch to windows phone a year before the first devices will be available. And also remember that nokia is still strong in budget smartphones - but today it is not possible to build nice 250 Euro-Smartphones like Nokia C7 with Windows Phone as this requires much more powerful hardware like 1 ghz-cpu etc. With the better browser, the Nokia C7 still is a very nice device - e.g. it has a green and red phone button, the widgets are much more spacesaving compared with android and the navigation just works.

Also i saw a lot of good apps finally appearing in the ovi store at the end of last year - since then, this has stopped. Apparently neither developers nor nokia itself pushes popular apps for symbian.

Christian Just, 2011-06-03

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