The G11 was a great purchase

by Volker Weber

The G11 was a great purchase
Photo: Ute Breitinger



Sabine Weber, 2011-06-03

Schönes Bild - aber ne Nikon D90 tut's auch :-)

Thomas Vogler, 2011-06-04

The Canon G series is a bit too expensive for me, but it surely enables one to shoot high quality pictures. Of course, the best camera does nothing for people who are not able to use its functions correctly. :)
I just gave my SX200 away and got myself the current model of that particular product line, the SX230 HS. So far I like it. But maybe my next camera will be one from the G series, maybe the G14 or so, when it will be out. ;)

Daniel Haferkorn, 2011-06-05

Cooles Bild ;-)

Die G12 war bei uns auch in der Auswahl. Allerdings hat bei uns die Nikon P7000 gewonnen. Ausschlaggebend war der Zoombereich 28-200 mm und die Nikon ist etwas kompakter.

Andreas Eufinger, 2011-06-09

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