At 3:07 it falls apart

by Volker Weber

This is a very impressive demo of what the next version of Windows could look like. And then, the beast returns.


It does seem like a nice blend of the new with the old. Just not sure how one would use the classic Windows UI using a touch interface. I wasn't also sure about the "thumb" keyboard and how that would actually be used. I guess it makes it so you don't have to move your hands all over the interface but only on the sides.

Thanks for sharing.

Bruce Elgort, 2011-06-02

It looks like XP Modus in Windows 7 ... a integrated virtual machine. Maybe there will be the Windows 7 modus with Windows XP Modus x-)

Martin Hiegl, 2011-06-03

Looks like Windows for the iPad...

Thomas Vogler, 2011-06-03

Oje, die EDV-Urzeit kehrt zurueck. Das Windows mit nicht-ueberlappenden Fenstern gabs doch schon mal ... hiess das nicht Windows 1.0?

Andreas Schoedl, 2011-06-03

The demo is with a current, shipping version of Office. That's all I have to say about that. :-p

Amy Blumenfield, 2011-06-03

The demo is using a current shipping version of Office. Maybe the next version will look different, or something...

Amy Blumenfield, 2011-06-03

I want to see a demo where he changed to a command line box.

Tobias Mueller, 2011-06-03

@Tobias: Thinking about that, the cmd.exe might just look like iSSH - with the thumb keyboard overlayed.

Tobias Hauser, 2011-06-03

Amy, that's a good remark. I trust Msft will ship better suited apps. But will other ISVs do the same?

Volker Weber, 2011-06-03

It looks very good so far and it seems that someone over there had an idea how business usage can be integrated.

I've a smartphone here and a tablet and for most of the tasks during work they fit perfectly. But once someone send you a project plan, a visio chart or some other file format away from the standard office you still need a notebook to run the related applikation on native windows.

For me that would be the killer feature to have a tablet which can run standard apps (even special ones from my customers) and for mobile usage a clear touch interface.

Would be good if someone in the market is not only looking for facebook/twitter/music/video integration.

Sven Semel, 2011-06-03

"A house divided against itself cannot stand."

David Richardson, 2011-06-03

Welcome to the age of widgets ... this looks like Windows Phone 7 and feels like Dashboard widgets. In conclusion: limited functionality with some eyecandy. Not what I am looking for in a workstation, but very nice in mobile usage or for car-pcs ;-)

@Bruce: i am controlling windows xp with touch on a 7" display in my car. While custom GUIs work better, it's not impossible to "work" with windows with a touch screen only.

Sebastian Herp, 2011-06-06

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