Quote of the week

by Volker Weber

Narayen: "We will have 130 million Android devices running Flash by the end of the year."
Mossberg: "And I have yet to test a single device where it runs well."


I guess it depends on your criteria, but I've very much enjoyed having Flash in the browser (droidX). No more strange websites that don't work. All the flash items, from a website perspective just seem to work.

Craig Wiseman, 2011-06-03

It works well on the BlackBerry PlayBook as well. Maybe not "perfectly" on all sites and in all situations, but well enough that switching to a non-Flash supporting browser reminds me how much content I'm missing out on.

Paul Simpson, 2011-06-03

Better to have run flash then timed out of it than never to have run flash at all.

But should flash be a selling point if it has functionality problems? I say, yes, in this day and age.

Edward Reep, 2011-06-06

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