This starts to smell funny

by Volker Weber

NEW YORK, June 6, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GBS Enterprises, Inc. (OTCBB:GBSX), announced today that Gar Wood Securities, a full service institutional broker-dealer located in Chicago, Il, has initiated coverage and issued its Insight Equity Research Report on the Company with a Buy rating and $9 per share target price.

Stock for OTCBB:GBSX traded for $3.99 to $5.00 and is down 2.3 percent to $4.25 today.

Gar Wood recently raised $7.55MM for GBS with warrant coverage that will result in an additional $9MM funding to the Company.

The same company who advises to buy stock with a target price double of what it is trading today, recently raised $7.55 million. It should not come as a surprise that they would like you to buy some of that stock.

We estimate the total market potential for the Transformer to be roughly $18.0 billion, of which we believe GBS's realizable market could be roughly $5.5 billion.

That's how much? 10 years of Lotus' revenue? Compare the latest SEC filing on EDGAR Online.

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100,000 customers paying $55,000 each? 10,000 customers paying $550,000 each?

Richard Schwartz, 2011-06-06

When I attended the SNOUG SR last month (with the best food ever ... still on a diet), GBS showed transformer. The pricing wasn't finalized yet, but it should be around 1000€ per template, plus whatever it takes to make the things work, that can't be transformed.
They said, the worst they ever had until today was one week additional manual work. In the worst case, the transformation of your 10 most important apps will cost you about 100'000.
Now, IBM has about 45'000 active N/D customers. I think we can stop here ...
Other clues. GBS has 250 employees. A company the size and structure like GBS will have big problems to get 550mio turnover a year. 2010 they had roughly 20 mio.
I don't know what that guy smoked, but I want some, too.

Christian Tillmanns, 2011-06-07

Maybe, just maybe, Transformer has an .INI setting that has not been publically mentioned. This would be the standard setting:


What if it also understands



Joerg Michael, 2011-06-08

Smell funny? It smells of bubble-making and/or hallucinogen-smoking

Bob Balaban, 2011-06-08

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