iOS 5 and OS X Lion videos

by Volker Weber


Shame those videos don't play on an iPad. ;-(

Stuart McIntyre, 2011-06-07

Funniest line: We took an OS that was two years ahead and pushed it even further. LMAO. They added decent notifications.

No seriously: I am looking forward to iOS5. It seems to be great. The iPhone is great, just not as great as they say. :) All the other features are just a blast. The notifications should have been there from the beginning on. It's kind of like copy & paste in 2009?!.

They should add it in shame, beacause it's this late. Not brag about it. :)

Johannes Matzke, 2011-06-07

AirDrop sounds great to me. All other ... hopefully they don´t push the console a.k.a terminal out from lion :-)

ingo Harpel, 2011-06-08

Finally they got something on iOS5 which made an unjailbreaked iPhone unusable for me before: the lockscreen summary. And - YES - we've got a todo app! Didn't my Nokia 6310 have todos already?

Arno Burdenski, 2011-06-09

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