3-Way Street

by Volker Weber


So much for the problem. Where's the solution?

Frank Köhntopp, 2011-06-08

Great demonstration of the issues though...

Stuart McIntyre, 2011-06-08

Would love to see the same here. Vietnam traffic intersection

Frank Mueller, 2011-06-08

Das ist doch alles nix gegen die chinesische Kreuzung

Stefan Beermann, 2011-06-08

Pretty common in NYC, in particular with pizza delivery guys and bike messengers. Nice visualizations though.

Thomas Gumz, 2011-06-08

The bicyclists behaviour reminds me of Münster/NRW. Sometimes you have to wonder there are only a few heavier accidents with bicycles over the year.

Ingo Spichal, 2011-06-09

Yeah, 'cause it's always the cyclist who's the bad guy. Seems like this old story fairy-tale will never be washed away... Too bad! But guess what, the reason why there are not more heavy accidents caused by cyclists is simple: They know what they do, and they are concentrated. People in cars are not. I crashed two times with my bike in the city of Munich - both because of grandpa's in cars, that were crossing the bike lane with closed eyes. If you want to see that, you just need to go to Leopoldstraße in Munich around 6/7pm and wait for ten minutes...

Felix Mattis, 2011-06-16

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