Waiting for Anna

by Volker Weber

Waiting for Anna

About three years after the E71, the-best-phone-Nokia-ever-built, they are making another one, the E6. Quadruple the E71 resolution, talk time of almost 15 hours on GSM and 7.5 hours on UMTS, 75 hours music playback, 30 days maximum standby. 4 band GSM, 5 band WCDMA. Records video with 720p HD at 25 fps, shoots photos at 8 MP. The list goes on.

And it's running the latest build of Symbian "Anna". Since my N8 is still waiting for Anna, I am going to take the E6 for a spin.


30 days standby sounds like science fiction.. Are there any half-decent browsers for Symbian?

Marcus Cador, 2011-06-08

The Anna browser should be OK. I reserve judgement until I have used it.

Volker Weber, 2011-06-08

Very much looking forward to your conclusions after using it :)
I will pass on the E6 for now and am very much looking forward to the Nokia-WP Mango Devices with a proper keyboard.

Hubert Stettner, 2011-06-08

I'm using Opera on an E72 and it works well

Sean Cull, 2011-06-08

And Traveller 8.5.3 will work on it

Stephan H. Wissel, 2011-06-08

Nokia noch nicht aufgegeben? :)

Johannes Matzke, 2011-06-09

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