BBC iPlayer launching internationally

by Volker Weber

BBC iPlayer will bring you the best of the BBC, including favourites such as Doctor Who, Top Gear and Little Britain available on demand.

If this works out well, it's time for a happy dance. Prepare to be disappointed:

BBC iPlayer will not be available in all regions and titles will vary by country.

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[via Stuart]


> If this works out well, ...

In Germany?
I'm trying not to be over pessimistic here but I can imagine a sign with the following text:

"We are sorry! This program is not available in your country!"

Hans Kurent, 2011-06-13

Well, you gotta pay your licence fee!

Nick Daisley, 2011-06-13

That URL just re-routes to the main iPlayer Home Page for me.

I guess Australia is no in the first group of countries to launch!

Mike Brown, 2011-06-14

I managed to access the real page through Google Cache. I've supplied an email address to register my interest, but I've received nothing through that yet...

Mike Brown, 2011-06-14

expat shield is your friend

Chris Coates, 2011-06-15

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