Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus

by Volker Weber

Cool video. Does not add much we did not know already.

[via Michael]


I saw a video on this which was also very interesting. He talks about how they "cracked" stuxnet to figure out what it was intended to do:

Frank Paolino, 2011-06-16

the video mentions 20 0day exploits - just yesterday i spoke to the guys from siemens who dissected stuxnet theirselves (in parallel with some guys from symantec): they say there were 3 0day exploits... just for facts.

lukas praml, 2011-06-17

Does anybody know how did they do this presentation? It is similar to Prezi but in 3D. Is it a custom animation or is there an authoring tool for it?

Necip Sayar, 2011-06-17

"Open Source weapon" - that's BS.

The virus has been decompiled, but that's very different from having the original source code available (which is the defininition of "open source").

By that logic, MS Office would be Open Source too.

Timo Stamm, 2011-06-17

Now we know who was behind Stuxnet.

Josh Humphrey, 2012-06-01

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