Nokia Public Transport

by Volker Weber



This is one cool app. With a major downside. It only works in and around Berlin.


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It is not only works in Berlin, but also cannot be downloaded from Turkey.

So a visitor/tourist coming to Berlin is not a potential customer.

BTW, journey planners fails a lot limiting geography!

Serdar Basegmez, 2011-06-29

I really miss MetrO for Palm - served me well both at home and traveling abroad.

The latest version is available for Symbian^3 / Symbian s60 5th but alas, it requires the Qt libraries installed - too much of a memory hog on my Nokia 5800. I guess I will wait for the Android version (and then buy a new phone) ;)

Cristiano Anguillesi, 2011-06-29

Ahhh, Metro, thanks for reminding me, I forgot about it. There is an iPhone version, I'll have to try it. This brings back memories :)

Tobias Hauser, 2011-06-29

For the USA, Canada, and a few cities in Europe, HopStop is great....and looks much like this....

Brian Benz, 2011-06-29

Volker, is this just a random example - or will I see you around here in the next days?

Alexander Kluge, 2011-06-29

You're next.

Volker Weber, 2011-06-29

I think, that isn't a Nokia issue, but an issue with the public transportation companies not wanting to give out their information to anyone else than themselves and more or less crappy apps...

Mathias Ziolo, 2011-06-30

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