Vodafone Hacked - Root Password published

by Volker Weber

The Hacker's Choice (http://www.thc.org) announced a security problem with Vodafone's Mobile Phone Network today. An attacker can listen to _any_ UK Vodafone customer's phone call.

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This sounds like a great example of a blinkered use case design....

...On the other hand, it's a shame that one always has to consider the Dark Side (TM) now, when designing connected stuff.

Mind you, even before the 'net, 'Dark Side' behaviour had to be considered. I once worked at a company which produced a self service electricity pre-payment meter ticketing device (where's an acronym when you need one?) - a bit like an ATM for pre-payment meter tickets. The coin return bin was, sadly, at your average man's groin height. A few weeks after installation, a number of service calls made it clear that the machine was suffering from 'dampness'.

Blinkers again...

The installation of a drain hole in the coin return bin which was then piped to a discharge hole at just above shoe level put paid to this.

John Ash, 2011-07-14

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