Spotify now streaming on Sonos in the USA

by Volker Weber

After many months of patient waiting, residents of the United States can now enjoy streaming music from Spotify. In conjunction with today’s Spotify announcement, Sonos is offering stateside customers the ability to add the service to their systems. Just follow this quick tip on adding a new music service, sign up for Spotify Premium, and start streaming high-quality (320kbps), ad-free tunes throughout the home.

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Thanks to GEMA, Spotify still can't offer a service in Germany. :-(

But looking at your next posting we can see that GEMA is a bunch of idiots, would have no idea about their own business.

John Keys, 2011-07-14

Hmm - I was so worked up about GEMA, I typed "would" instead of "who" ...

John Keys, 2011-07-14

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