My Ultimate Ears have a bit of a problem

by Volker Weber

I love my ear canal headphones from Ultimate Ears. Unfortunately some parts of the clear cable have turned into a yucky yellow color. The cable is detachable from the earpieces, so I contacted Logitech, the company which owns UE, for a replacement. That did not go so well:

Thank you for contacting Logitech's Customer Care. i am sorry to hear about the change of color of your Logitech Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5. Unfortunately, we must inform you that your product is defective and a warranty exchange is needed.
Thank you for contacting Logitech's Customer Care. I regret to inform that the spare cable for Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5 is not available. Logitech understands the situation in which you have been placed. Unfortunately, we are unable to replace your product as Logitech's Limited Hardware Warranty ( for your product has expired.
Logitech values you as a loyal customer and as a gesture of goodwill I can provide you with a Loyalty Discount code. The Loyalty Discount code will allow you to place one order on the online store ( with a discount of 50%.

I think I will just continue to use the excellent headphones and provide Logitech with some great coverage of the defective product.


Zum Glück kann man ein Ersatzkabel trotzdem kaufen, ich habe mein (inzwischen zweites) bei amazon erstanden:örer-Ultimate-Ears-Ersatzkabel-super-fi/dp/B000LQZUSU/. Bei mir waren die Kabel gebrochen, daher musste Ersatz her, das erste Ersatzkabel hat aber nicht besonders lange gehalten. Das neue (siehe Link) hat nun einen Winkelstecker, was wohl besser ist. Bis jetzt funktioniert es gut.

Dirk Steins, 2011-07-18

Die Farbe erinnert mich an ein Hörgerät aus den Siebzigern oder Achtizigern, das meine Oma trug. Ist Retro nicht "in"?

Axel Koerv, 2011-07-18

Der Logitech-Support verdient den Namen halt einfach nicht... Mir ist die Buchse am linken Ohrhörer ausgerissen, 13 Monate alt, aber auch nach mehreren Mails bin ich noch nicht zum Loyalty Discount Code geschweige denn einer sinnvollen Problemlösung vorgedrungen.

Wolfgang Gottesheim, 2011-07-18

Dirk, wie bescheuert ist das denn? Man kann wohl ausgehen, dass die Kabel von Logitech selbst kommen. Und davon weiß der Support nichts?

Volker Weber, 2011-07-18

Sie können einen schwarzen Ersatzkabel für Ihre SuperFi 5 Pros kaufen. Ich habe die 5EBs, 5 Pro und TripleFi 10, und sie alle nutzen diese universelle Kabel.

46” Replacement Cable (Black) for TripleFi 10, SuperFi 5 Pro, SuperFi 5 EB and SuperFi 3 Studio

Ron Wayne, 2011-07-18

Doesn't that always happen, though?

Apple started the trend for translucent/ transparent cables (mouse, keyboard, USB etc) with the original iMac in 1998 - the particular flexible plastic that lots of manufacturers now seem to use reacts with sunlight, and they usually discolour noticeably within 6 months or so. Next time you see a G3 iMac, check out that whisky-coloured mouse cable, that used to be completely clear.

Not really defective, surely, but a function of the aesthetic decision....

Nick Daisley, 2011-07-18

I have cables that are clear after 10 years of use. So I find the cables that UE provided with an otherwise excellent product defective from day one. I also said they can replace the cable with a different color, if clear has a problem.

Anyway, as you can read support suggested the product is defected and should be replaced. Cables were not available, which turned out to be questionable, and I should buy a new product.

Volker Weber, 2011-07-18

Hi Volker
Habe bei meinen Ohrhörern das gleiche Problem. Aus Transparent wurde Ohrschmalzgelb. Aber von vorne bis hinten.

Gruß Linus

Rainer Müller, 2011-07-18

So what would u say if they were to replace the cable with a brand new yet yellow cable ?
I can certainly appreciate your frustration, but there are probably more important things to worry about ;-) The 50% discount voucher is nice...

Joel Demay, 2011-07-18

Joel, the cables come in back and clear.

Volker Weber, 2011-07-18

"I have cables that are clear after 10 years of use. So I find the cables that UE provided with an otherwise excellent product defective from day one."

By this reasoning if the 10 year old clear, non-defective, cable should become discolored tomorrow, then it too should be replaced. If Logitech were to replace it with the black cable they now ship, and it were to become discolored in 10 years then you would also require a replacement. I like this philosophy of consumer protection.

Ron Wayne, 2011-07-18

Ron, find you own explanation for "cheap plastic".

Volker Weber, 2011-07-18

There are many good things to say about, but one thing to realize is that "aesthetic decision" is a key part of any judgement made here. If it ain't pretty, it ain't good.

Craig Wiseman, 2011-07-18

Yes. That, and good service. You can charge a decent price, but you have to stand behind quality of your product. Especially if it is something that simple.

Case in point: buy KOSS headphones. If you ever break anything, they replace it. No questions asked.

Volker Weber, 2011-07-18

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