An Interview with Sonos founder and CEO John MacFarlane

by Volker Weber

Thomas Ricker:

It was in Hilversum that I also caught up with Sonos’ affable CEO, John MacFarlane. John was refreshingly candid for a chief executive, whether discussing Apple’s competitive AirPlay technology or the opportunities he sees in home theater audio. According to John, the latter “is awfully attractive” to Sonos because it’s so “horribly done” by the home theater industry. The entire conversation was free of bureaucratic double-talk and non-answers. Just frank honest discussion from a man who clearly understands his customer base and remains boyishly enthusiastic about the company he founded in 2003.

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Alleine die Einleitung ist absolut erfrischend zu lesen :)...

Ingo Seifert, 2011-07-21

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