NETGEAR ReadyNAS RAIDiator 4.1.8 beta supports Mac OS X Lion

by Volker Weber

Yesterday, Yo-dah posted a couple of updates on Twitter which indicated that Netgear was making good progress with a new firmware to support OS X Lion on older sparc-based ReadyNAS devices. In the evening a beta was published:

We'll use this thread to update you with info on the latest beta releases for RAIDiator 4.1.8. RAIDiator 4.1.7 release supports the ReadyNAS NV+, NV, Duo, 1100, X6, and 600 systems -- yes, even systems as far back as 7 years old.

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Way to go. My 3 year old Synology won't get new firmware they say. I don't use timemachine and found a fix for the AFP issue, but quite sad that Synology leaves these models in the dust.

Hans Bornich, 2011-07-22

Synology is cheaper than Netgear. You are spending less, you are getting less.

Volker Weber, 2011-07-22

Hans - could this be worth trying?

John Keys, 2011-07-22

Thanks John, that's the fix I found for AFP :-)

Hans Bornich, 2011-07-22

Working well here. Netgear, good recommendation! Thx!

Colin Williams, 2011-07-22

So, Netgear has been a good choice then for me.

Thomas Langel, 2011-07-22

If you intend to run (third party) add-ons on the Sparc series, you either better wait for a new 4.1.8 beta or get your favorite hex editor ready to do some dirty work.

Stefan Rubner, 2011-07-22

Firmware 3.5.0 incl. Lion-compatibility is available and ready for download.
Hope id 0815 doesn't reference a quick & dirty version. ;-)

Jan Lauer, 2011-08-15

Just wanted to note that Synology wised up and have now released firmware for my aging 207+ supporting Lion and timemachine (c:

Hans Bornich, 2011-08-22

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