This is funny on so many levels

by Volker Weber


This may be a Paul Mooney feature. Watch and learn.


It needs an unbiased mind to see that clear message. Chapeau, after all these years! :-)

Jan Lauer, 2011-07-27

That is hilarious. I still still see the occasional train commuter having to grapple with Notes on on their corporate issue Windows XP laptop, but I've never seen it on a Mac before. Perhaps IBM/Lotus should submit it to the Mac App Store to see if they can set a record for the number of violations of Apple's Human Interface Guidelines?

Jeff Gilfelt, 2011-07-27

Guys, looks like it is OSX Lion, not the new beta, causing this. Details here

Paul Mooney, 2011-07-27

Thanks Paul for clarification...

@Volker and Jeff : in French we call that "l'arroseur arrosé"...

Michael Bourak, 2011-07-28

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