Klipsch S4i back to normal

by Volker Weber


Jean Pierre bought a Klipsch S4i headset last week, referring to my recommendation. I asked him to send me the largest pair of ear gels, if they did not fit him. Today I received them in the mail. This is so much better than the medium sized I used after losing one of the large ones last year.

Thank you, Jean Pierre!


You're welcome. :)

Jean Pierre Wenzel, 2011-08-09

You should try Comply Foam on the S4i. So much better... A lot more comfort, better sound and great sound isolation.

Jens Wellmeyer, 2011-08-09

Been looking for a good headset for my 3rd generation ipod shuffle, will look into this one.

Pedro Q., 2011-08-16

Comply Foams never worked for my ears…

I still have three pairs of unused ;-) spare Klipsch Double Flange medium/large ear tips if anyone is interested. Just ping me.

I would also exchange them for medium-sized Single Flange ones. :)

-- and I am going to register klipsch-eartips-exchange.com in a few minutes. LOL

Jean Pierre Wenzel, 2011-08-17

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