Storage back up

by Volker Weber


Getting the ReadyNAS Pro back into full operation has proven more difficult than I thought it would be. I did receive the machine back on Friday. Inserted my RAID drives and it started right away. Since the machine came with 4.2.15 and the system partition on the RAID was on 4.2.18, I attempted an upgrade. 4.2.18 has been pulled so I resorted to 4.2.19-T4. And that turned out to be a mistake. The upgrade stalled, and I did not notice since I was busy attending a visitor. By the time I turned my attention back to the machine, it was too late to call service.

With wonderful assistance from Stefan, I was able to install several builds on the machine and a free disk instead of my RAID disk, but I could not wipe the failed install from my own drives.

On Monday I called Netgear support and they 'dialed' into the machine from the network. In the afternoon, all was good and I was back at 4.2.15 with full access to my data. Before attempting the upgrade to the latest supported build 4.2.17 I did a complete sync between the ReadyNAS NV+ and the ReadyNAS Pro. Finally, today I kicked off the upgrade and it completed within minutes. Pfeeew.

Thank you, Netgear. Outstanding support!


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