Google+ has made Facebook, Path, Whatsapp and Kik redundant

by Volker Weber


Google+ has changed some of my patterns. I don't post to Twitter. I don't post to Facebook. I don't text with Kik or Whatsapp. I don't share on Path. All gone and replaced with Google+. I do read Twitter and Facebook once a day, but I don't engage. I comment on Facebook, but only occasionally.

Skype is next on the list. I text more with Google+ and Google Talk. I video conf with hangouts. I have hardly been on Skype at all. Facetime is still strong, and that continues to work well for me.

Times are changing. Not on Google+ yet? Grab your invitation.



This would be why I log onto Google+ and see 95% of the stuff is from you then :-) I now call Google+, Vowe+

Carl Tyler, 2011-08-12

I still miss the aggregation feature (= integration of Google Buzz).

Martin Hiegl, 2011-08-13

I'm still missing my friends. Professional contacts are already there, but the rest is still on Facebook. Even people I never expected to be on a social media platform are there and I'm not sure if or when they'll switch to Google+.

Thomas Lang, 2011-08-13

And here's even more great news from Google+.
In the meanwhile you can even play fancy games there too!
Desperately waiting for Farmville- and Glücksnuss-messages on that platform!!

Karsten Kunert, 2011-08-13


I would like to hear about "how" and "why" Google+ has changed your patterns and how it's a better fit for social needs. You are always very good about explaining these types of things in your reviews of products/services.

Bruce Elgort, 2011-08-13


Tried one of the games, unless someone you follow keeps actively publishing game achievements on his stream, games will be kept in a separate page, so at least the flood of notifications of others game status' should remain somewhat low.

Gernot HUmmer, 2011-08-13

Personally, Google+ still feels awfully dry and workman-like. Not much fun or friendship being shown in my stream right now. Will continue to play there, but right now it feels awfully like FriendFeed (interesting but eventually unnecessary). Glad it's working for you though, Volker...

Stuart McIntyre, 2011-08-13

Google+ as it is now is social networking for tech-savvy and tendentially serious and busy people. Kind of social networking for adults. This makes the difference to facebook & Co. This is wonderful!

Juergen Heinrich, 2011-08-14

Bruce, I am getting a lot less "I just had dinner" and more relevant information. Interaction is very good. No awkward friendships. And it integrates all really well.

Volker Weber, 2011-08-15

Interesting. I had pretty much written Google+ off completely as a failed experiment. At least for me. Organising circles is a pita. The streams are full of the same people with very little engaging content I can't see on FB. Since I won't post to two environments and since I find the Google+ interface such a pain to use (pretty, but a pain), I had just about given it up as a lost cause. Similar to Apple's "Ping" .. I tried it, no-one else seemed to be joining, I wasn't getting anything out of it.

I'll wait for all the early adopters to create a more welcoming environment.

oh and I like the "just had dinner' "just went for a walk".. it's the social part of social networking. Re-posted news articles and reports leave me cold.

Gab Davis, 2011-08-15

And I don't see hardly anything you post. Perhaps that's working as intended. :-)

Google+ just isn't a good fit for me. To start with I abhor the UI. The lack of visual separation between sections felt awkward. In the two weeks I tried using Google+ it just felt unfinished, like something fundamental was missing.

I also really don't like having to filter who I post things to. On Facebook I get to decide if who sees what I post by either accepting or rejecting a connection. On Google+ I have to do that by filtering people into multiple overlapping groups. If I want someone to see my posts I either have to make them public for the whole world to see, or add people to different groups and post accordingly. It's a security model that doesn't fit how I want to use it.

And finally, nobody with whom I interact regularly uses Google+. It felt a lot like talking to myself in an empty room. The only people I know using Google+ consistently are people such as yourself. Since you are choosing to use a different social network than me that interaction is only going to decrease over time. Again, perhaps that is working as intended.

Charles Robinson, 2011-08-15

Gab, in that case Facebook is a much better place for you.

Charles, there is no intent. Check out There should be plenty of stuff. And as for the design. I do like it. A lot.

Volker Weber, 2011-08-15

Facebook got so damned noisy, I quit. Google+ I fired up with reservations. So far, I hop in and out and I rather like it. But I suspect that is, in part, because it is a little quieter than the constant flow in FB. I am sure that will change, and I’ll opt out of + too… :-)

Ben Poole, 2011-08-15

Not really. G+ does not have this awkward "friendship". So you follow what you find interesting. Without adding noise.

Volker Weber, 2011-08-15

Well ... you still need this blog?

georg pagenstedt, 2011-08-15

It's all in the FAQ.

Volker Weber, 2011-08-15

OK. But are you serious about "Siemens Gigaset SL400 H Mobilteil inkl. Ladeschale metall/schwarz" on your Amazon Wish List?

georg pagenstedt, 2011-08-15

Not anymore. I already have three. Should be enough for now.

Volker Weber, 2011-08-15

Have to agree with Stuart.
Google+ doesn't feel "social" at all. Something in between Linkedin and FB but can't decide what it wants to be.

There are two good tools that do what Google+ wants to offer: FB if you want to be friend with somebody and Twitter if you just want to follow somebody you don't want to be friend with (e.g. because you don't know him enough).

While it looks like a nice idea to combine these two in Google+ I don't see enough added value to switch. Therefore FB and Twitter still are my main ressources at this time.

Harald Gaerttner, 2011-08-16

I still like Facebook as a replacement for RSS-Feeds. I have a lot of interesting publisher ("Friends") in Facebook with the informations I like/need. And I also like the "I go out for a dinner" from my friends.

Within Google+ the discussions are more intensiv. So I think they will replace Blogs in many cases. It was the advantage of blogs having (sometimes) the long discussion threads. these are now in google+.

Joachim Haydecker, 2011-08-16

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