Symbian Anna and why it isn't available for your phone

by Volker Weber

Nokia has started to make Anna available in certain markets, but not in all yet. Others are to follow in the next three weeks. It does not really matter where you are, but for which market your phone was manufactured. Let me fill you in how that works.

One of Nokia biggest assets is that they work with most if not all operators. And they all have their very particular requirements. The Symbian build process caters to that. Nokia can create dozens of variants of the operating system at a push of a button. What you think is an E7, or more precisely an E7-00, is called a RM-626 inside of Nokia. And there are a lot of Product Codes for the RM-626. An N8-00 is a RM-596 and you find the product codes here.

When Nokia releases updates, they do that in batches of Product Codes. If you wanted to be in the first batch, you hacked your Product Code to a generic variant that matches your hardware (German keyboard for instance). I am not sure you can still do that with the Symbian^3 devices.


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