Nokia does it again

by Volker Weber


4.5 months ago Nokia announced Symbian Anna and two devices it would first ship on, the E6 and X7. Existing devices, the C6-01, C7, N8, and E7 would receive updates "in the coming months". The community lit up in flames.

Today, Nokia is announcing Symbian Belle and two devices it would first ship on, the 700 and the 701. As for existing devices:

So there’s lots to look forward to on your existing Symbian^3 phone (Nokia N8, E7, C7, C6-01, X7, E6 and 500) and new models in coming months with Symbian Belle.

Well done, Nokia. Well done.

The 700 is a new tiny smartphone, the 701 is an update to the C7-00. It would have been called the C7-01, if Nokia hadn't change there naming scheme to three digit numbers, hence the 701. It gets a brighter screen and a NFC module. Same fix focus camera (Nokia calls it "full focus").

Once again, I will be waiting for the magnificent N8 to get the Belle update.


Still waiting for Anna on my unbranded Amazon N8. Nokia, you........

Andre Hausberger, 2011-08-25

On the plus side, Belle looks like hellofa progress.
And it is hardly 2 years late, heeeeyyyy :)
These pains in my heart :(

Hubert Stettner, 2011-08-25

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